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Geology, civil and environmental engineering

IdroGeo Engineering & Consulting does integrated projects in geological, engineering and environmental fields. In particular we do specific consultings into geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical fields for infrastructures projects, mining activities, civil and environmental engineering work, new buildings, consolidation of landslides and slopes, strengthening of buildings, urban projects, seismic microzoning, hydrology and hydraulic engineering.

Into environmental field the company is able to give all services for environmental reclamations of tainted spots and for specific environmental audit.

Geothermal energy for conditioning and electric energy production

The geothermal energy for conditioning and for the production of electric energy is a burgeoning sector. IdroGeo Engineering & Consulting have done important experiences that it allows to give all the services for the research and for the management of geothermal resources.

We are able to do integrated projects with professionals and specialist researchers into the fields of drilling for the production of energy and for the conditioning with low environmental impact systems.

Research of gas, deep and thermal water

We design and do technical assistance to clients for the research of deep hydric resources and for technical gas with specific experience into the thermal, mineral and district heating fields.